Modified chlorinated polyethylene

Keliren® chlorinated polyethylene thermoplastic resin as the excellent impact modifier is widely used in PVC extrusion and injection, including profile, plate and pipe. The low dosage levels of Keliren® resin may greatly improve the impact resistance of rigid PVC and enhance its processing flowability. In addition, Keliren® resin has good chemical resistance, outstanding low-temperature performance, high filling capacity, excellent weather resistance and remarkable compatibility, which makes it widely used in the formulation.

Application fields

  • CPE is currently the most widely-used and most economic impact modifier for PVC profile industry.

  • The impact resistance and aging resistance of PVC pipe modified with Keliren® resin are improved, especially in order to improve pressurization properties and prolong the service life, CPE is widely used in big-bore pressure-resistant liquid conveyor pipeline.

  • Keliren® resin is blended with PVC to produce flexible products. In this case, CPE is used as the permanent polymeric plasticizer of PVC, which eliminates the migration of general plasticizers else (e.g. DOP).

  • Keliren® resin as the modifier and phase solvent is used in the flame retardant ABS, SAN, HDPE and PP to improve their impact resistance and flame resistance.

  • Due to the good wearing-resistance and flexible resistance, Keliren® resin is used in the sole industry.

Modified chlorinated polyethylene (I) Technical indexes



UnitCPE132CCPE1135CCPE135CCPE235CTest method
1Chlorine contentwt%32±135±135±135±1GB/T9872
2Shore hardnessShore A≤60≤57≤57≤60GB/T531
3Tensile strength MPa≥8.0≥8.5≥8.5≥8.5GB/528
4Elongation at break%≥800≥800≥800≥800GB/528
5Application-FR-ABS,Flexible PVC FR-ABS,Flexible PVC PE film   FR-ABS,Flexible PVC PE film  FR-ABS Impact modifier -

Low residual crystalline and good

processing flowability

Low residual crystalline and good 

processing flowability

Low residual crystalline and good 

processing flowability

Moderate residual crystalline, 

can be stored in silo


Modified chlorinated polyethylene (II) Technical indexes

No.ItemUnit CPE142CMCI3001CPE3610CPE3605Test method
1Chlorine contentwt%40±130±135±135±1GB/T9872
2Shore hardnessShore A≤65≤70≤60≤60GB/T531
3Tensile strength MPa≥8.0≥8.0≥8.5≥8.5GB/528
4Elongation at break%-≥700≥600≥600GB/528

FR-ABS, PE film 

Substituting MBS to use as the impact modifier for semi-transparent PVC products

Impact modifier, used in high-speed  extrusion PVC productsImpact modifier,used in PVC products-
6Performance-Good processing flowability and outstanding flame resistance Good processing property and improved impact resistanceMuch outstanding processing flowabilityHighly improving impact resistance, and allowing addition of more fillers-

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