Wire/cable rubber compound

We design and produce various wire/cable insulating-purposerubber compounds in accordance with Europe standards, and mainly use chlorinated polyethylene and EPDM, which render good processing property, outstanding insulating ability and high resistance to aging in air bomb, and greatly save the cost (compared with merely use of EPDM rubber compound).

Application fields

  • Used in rubber-insulated cable required by Europe standards, and suitable for the cores of various specifications, such as H05RR-F(YZ), H05RN-F(YZW), and H07RN-F(YCW)

  • Used in the sheaths of wires required by Europe standards, such as wires for electric tools and household electric appliances, suitable cores: H05RR-F(YZ), H05RN-F(YZW), and H07RN-F(YCW)

  • It is used for insulated sheath of USA-standard HPN105℃ and below grade, SJ series 105℃ and below grade wires and can substitute chloroprene rubber (CR) and chlorosulfonated rubber (CSM)


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